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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Will Make You Money

Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Today, I will be sharing with you affiliate marketing ideas that converts to money. These ideas to make money will not make you money overnight, but will eventually make you money in due time. The ideas are all about setting up online readership that can trust you and respect your advice. Firstly, you build readers trust before recommending to them, once they trust you, they will be more than willing to accept your recommendations. You can take this as an opportunity to recommend quality affiliate products to them. I got to know this by learning and following a course called AffiloBlueprint.

Idea 1-Do You Have A Blog? Build A Blog That Makes You Money

The key to stable online income is having you own blog. You may write twice a week or weekly to regularly update your readers with information. Your articles should be engaging and actionable, based on your blog niche. E.g. "make money online" "weight lose" "gardening". If you provide readers with useful information, they will trust you-by the time you recommend products (that will make you money) to them, they will buy. Once you have establish the trust-your recommendations are trusted as well. You can take advantage of the trust by recommending quality affiliate products. A good example is: Enlightenment Gateway. The same techniques taught in AffiloBlueprint was used by Mark Ling to build this site and today, it makes him thousands of dollars yearly.

Idea 2-Pay More Attention On Email Marketing, Not Banners

As taught by AffiloBlueprint, email marketing makes money than banner ads on websites. It teaches that people who do click on banners are cold traffic and do not convert. AffiloBlueprint teaches that instead of displaying banners you use signup forms to an email list. Again, a good example is: Enlightenment Gateway, he doesn't use banners, instead he used opt-in forms. The best way to do this is to offer incentives (e.g. free eBook), send informative emails out and suggest products. You get targeted traffic, high in conversion.

Idea 3-Use Google To Bring Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the highest quality traffic and converts very well. Here are some tips to rank well on search engines like Google.

  • Try and post regularly-Content is king, Google loves fresh contents and ranks the post/page better than older content.
  • Search for a low competitive keyword (100+ searches) with Google keyword planner and optimize your content for the keyword.
  •  Be sure the keyword appear in title tag once and once in description tag.

 If you want to learn more SEO tips, go check out AffiloBlueprint.

ideas to make money

So, I,m sure you now know the affiliate marketing ideas to make money. Firstly, you have to set up your own blog. Add fresh quality informative content to the blog regularly to buy your readers' trust. Recommend quality products of great value to them. Because they trust you, they will trust your recommendations. Add signup form to your blog instead of banners. Optimize your blog posts for low competitive keyword with 100+ monthly search to bring in organic traffic, then sit back and watch your readers increase, which means more money.

Learn How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing with AffiloBlueprint Today!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How To Research And Identify A Legitimate Paid Survey Site

It's very likely you may have heard of the opportunity to earn money taking paid surveys online. However, some of you may have doubt about the legitimacy of this opportunity. Better for you having doubts because it saves you from falling a prey to scams aiming at the inexperienced people.

Really, paid survey scams exist, but not all the "get paid for your opinion" opportunities are scams. Though you could be scammed if care isn't taken, but you could really get paid for giving your opinions.

As a newbie, the truth is you may not be able to distinguish between legitimate paid surveys and scam paid surveys. You really are in luck for coming across this article which provides the information you need to identify genuine paid surveys and scam surveys.

Firstly, it's good you understand the reason why paid survey opportunity is legitimate. Seriously, you may not give legitimate paid survey a try if you think taking surveys isn't for you. So, let me explain to you the reasons why people take surveys and make money.

Reason Why You Earn Taking Surveys 

So many companies are more than willing to give cash reward for feedback from consumers. The feedback is used by the companies to know which products are doing fine and the product that needed improvement thereby helping them make more money. 

In every feedback a company collects from individual survey, after the overview, they use the feedback to improve on their products, effect changes where necessary by making their product more appealing and beneficial. This attracts more revenue when released to consumers.

Before any product goes into the market, it must have undergo certain level of research and development. They don't have them put into the market without initial planning and market research. A lot of money is spent on research yearly, so part of these monies goes to those people participating in market research studies.

The survey sites or market research companies are being paid for their effort to carry out surveys and collects feedback from those people who provide relevant answers. Now you can understand where these market research companies get their money from to pay for your opinions, it's just a pie out of what they get for their services.

For if there are no people to give their opinions about what they think about a particular product, the market research companies wouldn't just have people to take surveys. Companies go to these survey sites because they know that there are huge member list on the sites to give their opinions, they can't be self dependent.

The market research companies lure people to take surveys with what? With simple incentives ranging from cash to sweepstakes.

So this is the process of paid survey taking system. It is ideal you take the paid surveys that offers cash, all that is required is a signup with them and get connected with the opportunities that abound in these sites.

How To Know Legitimate Paid Surveys

It is necessary for you, before finding genuine paid surveys, to get your self enough information in order to be able to identify legitimate paid survey site and possibly scam site.

The following are characteristics of a legitimate survey site:

Availability of legal form

Every reputable site would display its legal forms prominently on the site, such as Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Terms & Condition. The content of these pages are referring to how they manage every user information, how they operate, targeted demography and so on.

A disreputable company wouldn't like to display these information in order for them to conceal their unethical practices, they knew if they do, it won't be easy for them to scam anybody. 

Never ask for money to take surveys. 

Legitimate paid survey site will never ask you to pay a dime to join their site. Any survey site that ask you for signup fees or registration fee is most likely going to scam you.
Promise never to send scam

A legitimate survey site will never send spam. They will only contact you when a survey is available for you, payment or update newsletter. It is usually stated on their Privacy Policy and/or FAQs where they summarize their spam policy.

They will never make unrealistic earning claims

Legitimate survey site may not even make any income claims like "get $2173 simply for your opinions! Make $70 in 2 hours answering surveys!" No, they don't do this. Normally, they simply say "you'll be rewarded for your opinion". 

Never sell your information

They promise never to sell your information! Yes, a legitimate survey site as stated in their Privacy Policy will never sell your information to any third party.

They will never ask for sensitive information

A legitimate survey site won't ask for sensitive information from anyone and will never ask for it. Do not honor any site asking for your credit card number, social security pin, such site is outright scam and should be totally avoided.

Available contact information

They provide available contact information, in case the site users have issues using their sites. The legitimate survey site support personnel is readily available to receive contacts from their site's users.

They offer paid services only

An illegitimate survey site would promise to offer paid survey and when you register with them, you discover other offers like; paid to watch videos, signup for trials and the likes.

This sort of websites are called "GPT" (get paid to)websites. They pay members for doing the above with them, including taking surveys.

Legitimate survey sites would not ask you to complete offers like signup for trials, watch videos or other things outside completing paid surveys. Often times, GPT are seen as paid survey sites because they both offer surveys for you to complete.

So legitimate survey sites, in review, allow for people to join their sites freely, have legal documents and contact form placed prominently on their sites, doesn't make unrealistic claims, respect your privacy, only deals with paid surveys and pay you when your account meets payout requirements.

If you come in contact with sites that are not characterized with these features above, it is advisable you exit such site or carefully research more about the site so that you can confidently judge the legitimacy of such site. 

Ways to find legitimate paid survey site 

A lot of care is required when finding legitimate paid survey sites because it may take some time for you to take the right decision and judge confidently if the site you are signing up with is worth it or not. Here, the help of fee-based membership sites is needed, simply because they help you in researching legitimate paid survey sites that are really worth spending your time and money, which will make you money as you begin to answer their surveys. 



The only reason why I would recommend fee-based membership site is because they save you the time of doing the research yourself. But, if in anyway you want to do the research yourself, it is free. There are some sites that list legitimate paid survey sites for free. To research these paid survey companies, here are few tips:

How to Locate and Research Survey Sites

Open on your browser and search with the following queries as:

"legitimate survey sites that pay cash"
"legitimate paid surveys"
"list of paying survey companies"
"list of legitimate survey companies"

You'd be amaze the number of websites that Google can find for you. But, because some websites can be scams, you have to take your due diligence here by doing your own research, check for those features mentioned earlier on each website in the list before signing up.

Look for the following while doing your research:

  • Go to and check if the site is a scam.
  • Lookout for company name + review on Google and read reviews about the company.
  • Check BBB (Better Business Bureau) for complaints and ratings for the company.
  • Visit the survey site and read through their "Terms & Condition", "Privacy Policy" and FAQs.
  • Find people that have been paid recently by the company and contact them for proof of payment.
  • Join up with discussion forums talking about paid surveys, ask questions and see what others are saying about different paid survey companies and their user experience.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

How To Successfully Work From Home

how to successfully work from home

These days many people are searching for work from home business that they can do comfortably. There are just too many work from home opportunities out there. So how can one really become successful in work from home business?

The basic thing is that you have to maintain some level of discipline and will power to be in the right frame of mind to do things when you don't even feel like. Simply because you are now your own boss working from home. You don't worry about being fired or taking some special task from your boss that if maybe when you didn't do it, you are issued a pink slip.

Though it may sound like a dream, it is not everyone that can possibly run a work from home business. A lot of people don't have what it takes to do this sort of work. So it is better for you to ask yourself if this sort of business is meant for you and go ahead to give yourself a particular task and pay attention to how you handle the task, especially when you are not in the mood to do it.

The most important thing when it comes to work from home, is time management. Just because of the wide range of information online, one can lose focus and track of time easily while searching for information and products to build your business around. The key here is discipline, This doesn't mean that one shouldn't carry out research before venturing into online business, but once done with the research, you need to start implementation.

There is a popular saying by people online and offline that if you want to succeed in any business, you find successful people and do whatever it is they do. It is only when you mimic those that had been successful and could help you be on track that you could be successful in running your work from home business.

Today, many people who have succeeded in work from home business are ready to share their methods with others that haven't succeeded. Though, some may charge you various prices, but it is advisable you get some mentoring in any chosen niche. I was mentored too, I'm quite happy with the results and benefits I got from it.

Monday, 15 August 2016

How To Make Money From Home Writing

You can make money from home writing for people

I thought about working from home by the time I got tired of leaving my home in a rush every morning and returning home exhausted in the evening, which invariably means my children where being denied of the responsibilities I owe them. So I decide to leave work and find out how to make money from home, which undeniably became so important to me.

After doing series of research, then it dawn on me that my undying passion for writing could make me real good money, so I decided to pick up writing as a freelancer. Being a freelancer, you could do varieties of assignment and get well paid, such assignment includes; writing product reviews, ghost writing, sales copy, copy writing, biographies and lots more.

So, for those of you that love writing, you could really turn the talent into writing just about anything. Being determined to succeed is the key here. Being a freelancer, there is supposed to be no writing job that should be too hard for you, be it writing about a recipe, writing on technical procedures or how to train pet.

When you've gotten portfolio, then you can plan to expand and dive into other ways of making money online, like affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing will require you to set up different sites, where you can write content about other people's product you are promoting. When you send heavy traffic that converts to these sites, you earn commission for every sale you make for them.

You may think that finding the job may be very difficult but with the availability of many freelance platform on the internet today. All you are required to do is, signup with these freelance platform like; Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, Odesk and much more. From my experience with these sites, it is mainly SEO articles that are on the highest demand. SEO articles demand may not stop soon due to the expansion of the internet today. I personally had taken a lot of SEO articles offer and had earned much from this.

Many businesses out there on the internet needed social media presence to expose their products thereby marketing it. You could take advantage of this opportunity to write their Facebook posts, tweet for them and post to their blogs. You will surely be amazed the way these business owners pay so well for the posts and updates.

Well friend, you need not to be discouraged for the ways things start off slowly at the beginning, working out how to make money from home may require a lot of time and hard work but at all time, hard work pays in the long run. 

Sunday, 14 August 2016

10 Successful Ways To Make Money Online

Just any body in the world can make money online from home

Very many people still think to make money online is a mystery that can't be demystified by anyone that wants to venture into internet marketing. No, it isn't as you may think it is, millions of people all over the world are earning their living online without bordering themselves about the normal 9-5 job that will require much of their time and energy. You can successfully make a living on the internet with these 10 ways:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an old internet marketing method that anyone can easily do. It involves promoting other people's product without you worrying about creating your own product. You can make money online doing affiliate marketing alone. Maybe you can make your first million doing this, but on the basis that you do it the right way. There are many companies offering affiliate program online, like;, Offervault, Jv zoo, Amazon etc...

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is another good way to make money online. It involves doing micro jobs online for clients who are ready to pay for the services rendered. The different means of payment online had further made freelancing easy for anybody in any part of the world to do. But there is something to it, before you can successfully freelance, you must be skilled in one particular task or the other. For instance, you might be skilled in using Coral Draw to draw, edit photo of any kind with Photoshop, article writing or even weird things like sing happy birthday, write someone's name on stones, write someone's name on placard and have it displayed by your pet etc.

The pool of so many software on the internet today made freelancing became easier for anyone that may want to engage in making money online. Sites where freelancers are usually found are increasing by every new day, sites like; Fiverr, Upwork,

3. Taking Surveys

Thousands of sites today have large database of companies that are ready to pay people for their opinions. When you answer their questions, you are compensated with a token for your time. Though, some survey sites are worth spending your time on, some are not just good enough to earn you handsome income to carry your monthly bills. Answering survey questions online is highly recommended for those people that have no online marketing experience at all, its a better way to start for a beginner. Below are two most reputable, tested and trusted survey sites:

Paid View Point

4. Referral

Referral program is a very popular method of making money on the internet. It work in a way that you get paid whenever you bring in a new member to join their site through your referral link. A lot of websites offer referral program to increase the number of users of their site. Again, some referral programs are better then the others. You can know this by the time you signup with these sites. Just Google "referral sites" and you'll get hundreds of thousands of sites that you can signup with.

5. Get Paid To Read Emails

Many companies are too busy to read their ever streaming in mails, so they are ready to hire people to read and reply their mails. These companies pays for such services very well because they would have missed such mails and the business opportunities in the mails. When looking for this kind of money making opportunity, all you need to do is search Google for "companies + reading mails" and you you'll find a host of results. Find the company contact and forward a mail to them about your interest in working for them. You may be lucky the company replies you and give you the details about what they needed.

6. Get Paid To Submit Photographs

A number of companies on the internet are looking for people to go out there and snap photograph, upload it to their server and they pay for it. You may make a lot of money from doing this alone because these companies pays very well for photographs. The photograph could be of people, nature, industry, technology etc. If you are interested in making money with this method, simply go to Google and run a search, then you get thousands of websites. A very good platform rendering the services of connecting people with thousands of companies willing to pay for photographs uploaded to their servers is Photography-Jobs

7. Online Betting

You can really make a lot money online betting on games. It is not something strange at all, many people are earning big everyday betting on games. If you are interested in doing this, again you can use Google to make your search for sites offering these services.

8. Get Paid To Watch Video

Some companies are ready to pay you for watching a video clip. Yes, for just watching videos you get paid. Online opportunities couldn't be more than this! Search Google to find hundreds of thousands of companies that are ready to pay you for watching videos.

9. Data Entry Job

Data entry job is another easy online job that doesn't require any investment before you can start. It could be done by students, stay at home mums, normal workers wanting to alternate their source of income. The basic knowledge needed is some level of keyboard skills and good vision.

Many sites using the services of captcha check to verify if their site users are human and not robots pay for the captcha services. The captcha companies needed people to help them type captcha in order to know how difficult or easy it is, thereby sharing their revenue with you. There are always unlimited captchas for everyone joining these companies to type and make money, you decide how much entries you can type to give you the desired income. If you want to consider data entry job, two most reputable companies that had been reliable and paying till date are 2captcha and Protypers.

10. Get Paid To Listen To Music

The last but not the least is making money just to listen to music. Thousands of artist are wanting people to listen to their music and give full five stars with a positive review, this encourages them on the success of their music. On the contrary, to them, means the music isn't too good, then they would know where to fix. Musicxray is a very good site that sends out music to its members to listen and get paid for listening.

Other job opportunity online is:

11. Get paid To Play Game

Game developers are ready to pay you for playing their games and given your review about the game played. You may wonder how possible this could be...yes, its possible because your review of their product means a lot to them.

Though, there are more other ways to make money online, the ones above are tested by me and have been proven to be worthwhile to engage in. Anybody interested in working online could  invest his/her time and maybe money into these income sources. 

Please, if you have other genuine sources of income online, don't hesitate to mention them in the comment box below, thank you.
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